Weekend in the Cotswolds, Sunday – animals everywhere at Cotswold Farm Park

So I grew up in the countryside. Next to a farm, in fact. But after a few years in London it’s a bit exciting to go to a farm park… Especially one where you can hold bunnies, since that just doesn’t happen on normal farms.

As a result, on day two of our Cotswold adventure, we visited the Cotswold Farm Park. Tickets were a little expensive, at £9.25 each, but there was plenty to see.

We [she] definitely didn’t elbow any children out of the way to cuddle these bunnies:

Bunny at Cotswold Farm Park

Or these chicks (their feathers were so soft!)

Chick at Cotswold Farm Park

Or these hilarious piglets. They were utterly determined to get to their mother and fairly comical in the process.

Piglets at Cotswold Farm Park

Once we’d left the barns, we wandered around the fields nearby. After a while, we got the feeling we were being watched…

Goats at Cotswold Farm Park

But some of the animals were just too cool for school.

Ram at Cotswold Farm Park

Springtime is a great time to visit the farm, as there are plenty of baby animals, like foals. Adorable.

Foal at Cotswold Farm Park

Some more hilarious piglets, who couldn’t sleep unless they were in a row:

Piglets at Cotswold Farm Park

And then, surprise surprise, [after repeated subtle and not-so-subtle hints,] we returned to the bunnies. This one was particularly amazing – he’s a Rex rabbit, so his fur feels exactly like velvet. We were very tempted to tuck him in our pocket and leave quickly…

Rex bunny selfie at Cotswold Farm Park

We didn’t, though. Instead, we remembered that we were grown ups with National Trust membership and headed to Lodge Park, a nearby NT property. It was small but really interesting – a party house, with no bedrooms but a massive ballroom on the top floor, roof terrace and kitchens, used by John ‘Crump’ Dutton as a gambling and sporting retreat.

Lodge Park

He also happened to be Chancellor of the Exchequer, so was given two of these stunning chests – at least there were some perks to the job…

Chest at Lodge Park

The weekend overall was brilliant and we were a little bit Sunday blues-y to be heading back to London. The Farm Park was expensive but worth it for the bunnies, and the beautiful Cotswold scenery meant that Saturday’s tandem was probably the highlight. Bring on the next escape…!

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