Weekend in Leeds, part 1 – swans and statues at Nostell Priory

Today on the blog we have two very special properties to help you make the most of that National Trust membership! (Even without it, entry fees were reasonable.)

We have a family in Leeds, so headed up there for the weekend. First stop was Nostell Priory, featuring a beautifully symmetrical exterior… [although, if you look closely, you’ll notice some damage on the left-hand side from a fire in 1980]

Nostell Priory

And an interesting lighting project, From Gloom to Glow, where they cast light on previously hidden objects. It certainly made for some dramatic photographs!

Gloom to Glow statue at Nostell Priory

Servants’ bells – undoubtedly a favourite for photos and just for bringing a place alive…

Waiting bells at Nostell Priory

The house was largely decorated by Robert Adam, who chose this stunning hand-painted Chinese wallpaper. Strangely enough, he chose it for the bathroom… Not sure the steam was the best thing for it.

Painted wallpaper at Nostell Priory

Another interesting feature is this real violin bow, inlaid into the ceiling design. Apparently they take it out of the cherub’s hand to clean it!

Ceiling decoration at Nostell Priory

It was a beautiful day, so we strolled around the considerable gardens. [Notice the stone in the centre of the roof façade, ready for a crest that was never carved!]

Unfinished crest on Nostell Priory

There we saw an enormous pond, with two very amorous swans…

Swans mating ritual

And excellent opportunities for some arty flower shots.


Have you ever been to Nostell Priory? What did you think?

Tell us your thoughts!

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