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My sister and I aim to go on a walking holiday every year. As we had (ashamedly) not spent as much time in the Yorkshire Dales as we should have, having grown up so nearby, we decided to head to Swaledale this year.

On the first day we headed to Aysgarth Falls, along the River Swale (the falls themselves are behind me in this picture!)

Aysgarth Falls

Our cottage in Reeth had a lovely garden looking down into the valley. 

View from cottage in Reeth

There were still many signs of the recent visit from the Tour de France which were wonderful to see. The amount of pride and effort from the locals was evident from the TV coverage, but I hadn’t realised how long the decorations would stay up!

Tour de France sheep in Reeth

This was the river at the end of our garden. As with so many places in the Dales, it was wonderfully tranquil. 

River Swale

Looking back, our cottage was framed beautifully by the carefully-constructed garden. 

Cottage in Reeth

When the sun came out (which can admittedly be unpredictable in Yorkshire…), the various colours and flowers really shone out. 

Flowers close up

The Dales are simply beautiful to walk in, particularly on a day like this. Often you can find areas where you won’t be able to see any other walkers, although there will usually be some inquisitive sheep!

Swaledale walk

We walked through a stunning valley towards one of the old smelting mines, which had closed over a century ago. I climbed onto a ledge to get a better view and wasn’t disappointed. 

Blakethwaite smelt mill

Even the ledge itself was photogenic against the bright sky. 

Rockface at Blakethwaite smelt mill

The distinctive horns of the Swaledale sheep are one of the reasons they have become the symbol of the Dales

Swaledale sheep

I cannot recommend enough a trip to this or any region of the Yorkshire Dales. The weather can be temperamental, but the views and people will make sure that this is always a rewarding place to visit. As a proud Yorkshireman, it will always hold an incredibly special place in my heart. 

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