A rainy City walk

As you may have spotted on our Twitter, we decided to venture on a rainy walk around the City, taking in some lesser-known historical bits and bobs and ending up back at the Tower, before the poppies exhibition that we’ve blogged about before is finally taken down. This time, we aimed to see them from an angle we’d not previously spotted – around the ‘front’ of the Tower, nearest the river. Here, there was another ‘wave’:

Wave of poppies at the Tower of London

It was fascinating to see the poppies up close, via the means of some rather heavy camera zoom:

Rain on the poppies at the Tower of London

We love the contrast between the old, historic arrow loop and the poppies beneath.

Poppies against the wall at the Tower of London

Hidden inside the wave was a passenger, nestling amongst the petals right in the middle of the picture:

Bird amongst the poppies at the Tower of London

Moving on, we walked past the controversial Walkie Talkie, or Walkie Scorchie as it became known in summer, when the reflection of the sun from its face melted a car! The angle at which it was built was obviously not entirely thought through… [It now has blinds to stop the melting effect happening again]

Walkie Scorchie dominates the skyline

As with so many parts of London, it’s the dichotomy between an historic building and a modern structure which is so fascinating, both to see and to photograph.

Do you enjoy London walks and photography sessions? Let us know if there’s anywhere you think is particularly great to photograph!

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