A brush with royalty

Something you might not know about the Month of Sundays crew of two is that we like singing. We’re fortunate, as this takes us to some really beautiful places, like Windsor

Windsor Castle

We were spending the weekend singing services at St George’s Chapel inside Windsor Castle, which also meant that we were taken to parts not open to the public. Which was pretty cool. But the whole city is beautiful and doable in a day, which is ideal as a day trip from London (it’s about 25 minutes from Paddington). There are quirky places to see, like this crooked tearoom:

Market Cross House

And, of course, you can buy a ticket to the Castle and see if you can spot the Queen peeking out of an upstairs window!

Windsor Castle courtyard

The Chapel is stunning and full of fascinating historical standards, memorials and other things to see:

St. George's Chapel

And lovely ceilings!

St. George's Chapel

There are great shops to poke about in and restaurants to eat in – I remember Esquires coffee shops with fondness from my University days up north, and was so pleased to find one down south!

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