An evening stroll

Just a short post this week with some pictures I took one evening around St. Pancras station in London. I happened to have my camera with me, and I love playing around with night photography, so I thought I’d take a few shots on my way home. This wedding car was sat outside the beautiful Renaissance Hotel as I walked past.

Wedding car outside St Pancras

A handy bollard served as a makeshift tripod for some long-exposure shots as the evening traffic busied around.

Traffic around King's Cross

The revamped architecture of St. Pancras station is gorgeous – I spotted this nice contrast between the brickwork arches and the modern interior as I walked in.

Entrance to St Pancras

Something in the way the ceiling lights disappeared into the distance really caught my attention in an otherwise less-remarkable section towards the back of the station.

Inside St Pancras

The lights of an express train travelling through the station when I arrived home painted a lovely trail.

Train passing through in West Hampstead

If you have any of your own night photography shots or ideas for places that would be great to photograph, share them with us!

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