Perfect day for a wedding – a celebratory weekend in Cambridge

We took another trip to Cambridge… but this time for a wedding! Two friends, who had met while studying there at the university, decided to get married back at Magdalene College in their college chapel – understandably, as it’s really rather pretty. We decided to make a weekend of it and stayed with another member of the group nearby.

King's Chapel

On the way to the wedding we took a quick detour through King’s College, which was looking fairly spectacular in the sunshine.

Entrance to King's College

Founded in 1428, Magdalene is one of the smaller colleges, with just 300 undergraduates. It might be considered the most ‘traditional’ at Cambridge, being the last college across Oxbridge to accept female undergraduates, which it did only in 1988.

Great Hall at Clare College

Magdalene’s most famous alumnus is Samuel Pepys, now honoured with an eponymous building which houses his papers and books.

Clare College

We also made it past St John’s, looking lovely as the light caught its towers.

Front of St. John's College

The day after the wedding, we decided to take it easy, and stopped for a picnic and some prosecco near the river. However, we did have to protect our snacks from some rather hefty visitors…

Prosecco and cows

Punting followed, of course, as you do. Once we’d watched everyone else for a while, though, obviously, as the two I was with were confident their three years’ experience would get them through…

View up the River Cam

We passed King’s again, from the riverside this time.

View of King's College from River Cam

We had a successful trip, and enjoyed seeing ‘the backs’ from the river. For those new to Cambridge, we’d definitely recommend hiring a boat as you are able to see parts of the city you aren’t able to see from anywhere else. If you don’t fancy taking the pole yourself though (it’s surprisingly tricky!), you can hire someone to do the punting for you. You can find punts in the Mill Pond, the Granta pool, or further along the river.

Back of Clare College from River Cam

Are you a Cambridge fan? Have we missed any colleges you particularly liked discovering? (St Catharine’s doesn’t feature in this post, of course, which someone is a fan of!)

Tell us your thoughts!

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