Exploring London: Hackney City Farm and Columbia Road

Maybe this particular weekend we were missing the countryside, or maybe we just wanted to see the more natural parts of London, but we decided to fill our weekend with flowers [urgh] and animals [better]!

We started at Hackney City Farm, which neither of us had been to before. It’s free, so definitely ticks the frugal box, but there isn’t too much there to see so not worth a long trip. With the help of the camera zoom, though, we did find some bunnies… (Common theme, we know)

Rabbit at Hackney City Farm

We also spotted some very peaceful-looking donkeys, who were proving to be pretty popular!

Donkey at Hackney City Farm

We then headed over to Columbia Road, a place we know and love and one of the first off-the-beaten-track places I discovered when I moved to London. We found some interesting street art on the way:

Graffiti at Columbia Road

When we got there we wandered and admired the gorgeous cut flowers and plants in pots, even if this particular day was pretty crowded – not somewhere to go if you’re not a fan of crowds…

Flowers at Columbia Road

On our way back he captured this great shot – note in particular the female cab driver!

London black cab with female driver and new Routemaster bus

And this powerful image:

Ambulance on call

Very typical London shots, but we thought an interesting contrast between the farm, flowers and public transport and emergency services we see every day.

How was your weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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