A visit to Kings Place

We were recently at Kings Place, near Kings Cross, for a concert. We were involved musically with the event, but what struck us (one of us in particular!) was just how stunning Kings Place actually is. It’s a fantastic venue, with multidisciplinary performance taking place in two Halls and an open-plan foyer. Often very reasonably priced, it’s definitely worth checking out for an evening of jazz, chamber music or whatever else strikes your fancy!

Kings Place entrance

A recent building [it was opened in 2008], Kings Place uses light and open space to produce a visual impact running from the top to the bottom of the building.

Hall Two at Kings Place

The foyer is often used for performances as part of festivals, which are free to listen to – and with a bar right beside!

Foyer at Kings Place

[Even the escalators are funky…]

Escalators at Kings Place

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