Who, or what, is A Month of Sundays?

A friend was complaining to me once about not being able to find fun things to do at the weekend. “We don’t have much spare money,” he said, “and my girlfriend and I find it really hard to find interesting and diverting things to do.” Since we love our weekend days out, after this conversation we thought we might be able to bring inspiration and some new ideas to people like him, either in or out of London, for visitors or locals, days out nearby or holidays to places a little further afield – and, in turn, to inspire ourselves!

We’re a couple in our late twenties (just), living in north London. I’m a soft Southerner who enjoys crafting, grammar, drinking tea and other clichéd activities which make me not cool enough to live in Shoreditch. Fortunately, I don’t.

I’m a nostalgic Northerner who likes getting out on my bike, taking photos (so many photos), all things gadgety and electronic, and a good (debatable) t-shirt.

Luckily for us, we’re both pretty keen on exploring, both town and countryside, historic houses and museums, singing, and music in general, and pretty places. Oh, and we do have a secret soft spot for public transport, specifically the Tube. And trains. We’re both fans of London, but enjoy escaping whenever possible too.

Since I really enjoy photography, and am constantly looking for excuses to practise, and I like words, social media and putting them together, we thought we’d make this blog. We hope you enjoy it.

Tell us your thoughts!

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