Exploring the Hampstead Cemetery

I was on my own this week, so I decided to take a walk around the nearby Hampstead Cemetery and practice a bit of monochrome shooting. There are a huge variety of tombs and gravestones that I thought would provide a good opportunity for some atmospheric photography, and it was a place I’d been keen on exploring for a while.

Cross at Hampstead Cemetery

I really liked how this bright-white stone sat in somewhat splendid isolation amongst the slightly-overgrown grass.

Gravestone at Hampstead Cemetery

Some of the headstones are particularly ornate, reflecting the talents of their owners, such as this one for a local organist.

Organ gravestone at Hampstead Cemetery

In a similar vein to the Necropolis railway which we’ve discussed before, the chapel inside the cemetery has two sides: one for the believers (Anglicans), and the other for non-believers (anyone else).

Hampstead Cemetery chapel

Benches placed around the cemetery provide areas for quiet reflection – the whole area maintains a lovely sense of calm, despite not being far from a fairly main road.

Bench at Hampstead Cemetery

Although well-maintained in general, weeds and wildflowers inevitably creep out in many places.

Steps at Hampstead Cemetery

The cemetery also has a dedicated war memorial, situated on its own along a hedge-lined corridor, simple and stark.

War memorial at Hampstead Cemetery

I was struck by the way that this ivy had worked its way around the headstone, before itself perishing.

Cross at Hampstead Cemetery

There are hundreds of graves here, and while it may seem an odd place to visit, there are many runners and walkers, enjoying the tranquillity that the cemetery affords.

Graves at Hampstead Cemetery

See you again next week, probably back in full technicolour!

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