Her birthday adventures – looking over London

Amongst other brilliant happenings, including a horse riding lesson in the countryside and the aforementioned barbecue, we returned to London on the Sunday evening for a lofty surprise. 20 Fenchurch Street, otherwise known as the Walkie Talkie (or the Scorchie, after it melted some cars when it was first built) is home to the Sky Garden, bookable for drinks, snacks or just a wander around.
20 Fenchurch Street

You need to book a couple of months in advance, but it’s free, and you’re whizzed up in a lift to floor 35. Once there, you’re free to walk around the outer perimeter and get a panoramic view of London.

St Paul’s looks dwarfed by the BT Tower:

St. Paul's surrounded by other buildings

The Gherkin, one of our favourite modern buildings:

The Gherkin

I was fascinated by the train tracks running through the city, which you simply don’t notice unless you’re on the trains:

Train tracks running through London

The Tower of London, looking like it’s at Legoland or part of a dolls house:

Tower of London

The City sprawling away from Tower Bridge, another favourite:

View over Tower Bridge

We had some delicious cocktails and sat at a table overlooking the Shard – very scenic! We left as the sun was setting, which was a glorious time to have been up there.

Sun setting over the city of London

We’re both fond of this perspective, where traditional city buildings sit aside this modern edifice… Do you think they clash or complement each other?

20 Fenchurch Street

It was a great birthday treat and an amazing experience to see London laid out before you. We’d definitely recommend this one – ticks the frugal boxes too as the visit is free, though the cocktails are less so… Not unreasonable, though.

Book your visit here!

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