A wander around London Bridge

With my other half away this weekend, you’re stuck with just me this week, as I took a brief stroll around London Bridge during a glorious Saturday afternoon, and decided to have a bit of a play with shooting in black and white. This is on the Jubilee line as I was warming up:

Tube carriage

For those who haven’t been there, London Bridge has seen a lot of regeneration in recent years (most noticeably with the building of the fairly epic Shard skyscraper as part of the London Bridge station redevelopment), with a strong focus on glass architecture, particularly in places such as More London Riverside. As I walked from the station to the riverside, I spotted a nice image of the old warehouses reflected in one of the new glass facades:

Terrace reflection

There are streams that run along the footpath, which are pretty, but slightly hazardous if you’re concentrating on taking photographs…

Water streams at More London Riverside

The office buildings around More London Riverside are particularly striking:

No 7 More London Riverside

And then as you reach the riverside, you’re greeted with a wonderful view of the iconic Tower Bridge, with City Hall (affectionately known as the Onion) on the right: 

Tower Bridge

Further west is the HMS Belfast, an old Royal Navy light cruiser that is now permanently moored as a war museum:

HMS Belfast

The combination of the two as the sun began to set made for a nice composition.

HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge

A life-ring had fallen onto the rubble of what passes as beaches along the side of the Thames:


I was happy with how I caught the cyclist in-frame as I was waiting for the lights to change:

Wait for cyclists

And back onto the tube home. I know I’m a transport geek, but there’s something wonderfully photogenic about the tube, and monochrome seems to bring it out even more.

Open button

[…Nothing wrong with being a transport geek. Looks amazing!]

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  1. You get to post more than five photos when the other half’s away? 😉 Really like the first and fourth ones.

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