American War Cemetery, Cambridge

So we decided another trip to Cambridge was in order, to give us a bit more time to explore. First on our list, and a rather sombre start to the day, was the American War Cemetery. Commemorating a large number of Americans killed in the Second World War alone [almost 4,000 people are buried here, and many more whose bodies were never found are memorialised on the Great Wall], it was exceptionally peaceful, beautiful and immaculately-kept – a fitting tribute to the surprisingly (for me, at least) huge sacrifice that country made.

Leaves amongst crosses at American War Cemetery

It was also a wonderful time of year to visit, with the brightly-coloured autumn leaves adorning the gravestones. Inside the Chapel, there was a concept map of the various air and naval attacks the Allies undertook. Although interesting in content, it was the execution and craftsmanship of this enormous map that really stood out.

Air Operations model in American War Cemetery chapel

The graves frame the memorial, Chapel and American flag, in rows stretching as far as the eye can see.

Sunset behind crosses at American War Cemetery

Autumnal trees at American War Cemetery

The flag purposefully dominates, with a water feature and the ‘wall of the unknown’ to its left, with lists of over 5000 names whose bodies were never found.

American flag reflected at American War Cemetery

I’m so glad I had local knowledge to lead me here – much less famous than the nearby tourist attractions of Cambridge, this remarkable memorial is well worth discovering.

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