Soho Village Fete

After a night out and getting home at 4am, we needed a very lazy morning to recover. We got up late and headed to Soho for the Village Fete. We saw some dancers and much bunting…

Soho Village Fete dancers

…and the Soho Waiters’ Race – apparently a long-held tradition! [Some took the “race” part more seriously than others]

Waiters' Race

We also saw a very cool coffee shop, so cool that it didn’t seem to have a name, just a bike… Maybe ‘coffee’ was its name? [It’s called Tap, this one’s no. 193.]

Tap coffee shop

After the obligatory Piccadilly Circus tourist shot…

Piccadilly Circus

…we headed to Regent Street, where they were having a ‘Summer Streets’ festival. The highlight was definitely the Liberty’s ice cream van!

Liberty van

Then, we took the bus home, made pulled pork burgers, and watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower – not sure I’d recommend it, it was pretty sad! [but it’s a good film] – and had an early night.

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