A journey to the Transport Museum

Having been meaning to go for ages, we meandered our way to the Transport Museum for an afternoon amongst London’s rich and varied transport history. We were glad of the half-price entry we received from attending ‘Tubespotting’, Geoff Marshall’s hilarious Edinburgh Fringe preview show. We’d come across him via his videos on Londonist’s website (about the Tube, funnily enough) but it turns out he’s also the world record holder for visiting all the tube stations. Speedily. Videos, comedy shows and his twitter feed (@geofftech) come highly recommended for any other transport geeks.

Anyway, back to this afternoon out. We first encountered an intricate model of the ‘cut and cover’ construction technique used to make the earliest tube network:

Cut and cover construction

And got slightly freaked out by this historical wooden tube carriage, where you could sit amongst disapproving Victorian commuters…

Wooden tube carriage

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Soho Village Fete

After a night out and getting home at 4am, we needed a very lazy morning to recover. We got up late and headed to Soho for the Village Fete. We saw some dancers and much bunting…

Soho Village Fete dancers

…and the Soho Waiters’ Race – apparently a long-held tradition! [Some took the “race” part more seriously than others]

Waiters' Race

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