Black Country Living Museum

A little bit geographically removed from our usual stomping ground, we headed up to Birmingham for a family Easter weekend. One of the activities on the agenda was a trip to the Black Country Living Museum. A fan of similar setups like Beamish, we were very excited to see what this museum had to offer. And we weren’t disappointed!

An old fashioned fairground to start – one of us [I think you can guess which one] *may* have been busted with a sneaky hand over the side to slow the helter-skelter pace a little bit…

Helter Skelter

Some gorgeous old trolleybuses¬†to excite the Northerner (plus we’re both secret [and not so secret] transport geeks…)


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Exeter Cathedral

As we mentioned in this post, we enjoy a bit of singing, a pastime which takes us to beautiful buildings and cities (and sometimes we’re even paid to go to these places!). A little bit off the beaten track, Exeter is a lovely city with plenty to do and a simply stunning cathedral.

Exeter Cathedral window

Amazing vaulting in the main nave – and beautiful organ:

Exeter Cathedral nave

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