Horniman Museum

In the spirit of exploring some more quirky areas of London, we headed to the Horniman Museum to see what they had to offer. Although of course the wonderful Horniman walrus welcomed us with open flippers, it was the aquatic section in the basement which ended up being the most photo-worthy, with many little frogs…


And although we couldn’t track down Nemo, Dory made an appearance!


We had  a chat with the most famous walrus in South London:

Overstuffed sealion

…and enjoyed some of the Museum’s unique architectural features.

Horniman clock

Although a little dated in parts, the Horniman feels like a very British experience, with interesting corners to poke about in, some child-friendly activities and a regularly changing exhibition timetable. Sunday tip: go during the summer months, enjoy a cream tea in the café and walk amongst the lovely grounds for a peaceful afternoon in the capital.

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