A tour around South Kensington

A recent quiet Sunday took us to South Kensington, and the amazing Science Museum, as I’d never been. Walking past the Natural History

Natural History Museum

We saw some wonderful exhibits, including an early computer-esque machine. It was fascinating! [That “computer-esque machine” is a reconstruction of Babbage’s Analytical Engine]

Analytical Engine

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A brush with royalty

Something you might not know about the Month of Sundays crew of two is that we like singing. We’re fortunate, as this takes us to some really beautiful places, like Windsor

Windsor Castle

We were spending the weekend singing services at St George’s Chapel inside Windsor Castle, which also meant that we were taken to parts not open to the public. Which was pretty cool. But the whole city is beautiful and doable in a day, which is ideal as a day trip from London (it’s about 25 minutes from Paddington). There are quirky places to see, like this crooked tearoom:

Market Cross House

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Horniman Museum

In the spirit of exploring some more quirky areas of London, we headed to the Horniman Museum to see what they had to offer. Although of course the wonderful Horniman walrus welcomed us with open flippers, it was the aquatic section in the basement which ended up being the most photo-worthy, with many little frogs…


And although we couldn’t track down Nemo, Dory made an appearance!


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